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Here’s why we started InternPulse!

We've observed that many aspiring and talented developers, designers, and product managers struggle to secure their first job or opportunity in tech due to a lack of experience or evidence of skills.

This challenge arises because some aspiring techies believe they can learn coding, design, or product management within a few months and immediately land a well-paying job, which is not always the case.

Hence, we launched InternPulse to address this issue!

InternPulse helps aspiring software developers, product designers, and product managers to gather enough evidence of skills, learn how to work in teams, deal with pressure, quickly expand their knowledge, network effectively, and unique ways to make money with their skills.

This prepares them to secure their first job or opportunity in the tech industry.

We've served 116+ techies from countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, United States, Germany, Ghana, Uganda, United Kingdom, Lesotho, Canada, and Malawi.