Frequently Asked Question?

InternPulse helps aspiring developers, product designers, and product managers gain real working experience/gather evidence of skills, learn how to work in teams, deal with pressure, quickly expand their knowledge, and network effectively. This prepares them to secure their first job or opportunity in the tech industry.

We've observed that many aspiring and talented developers, designers, and product managers struggle to secure their first job or opportunity in tech due to a lack of experience or evidence of skills.

This challenge arises because some aspiring techies believe they can learn coding, design, or product management within a few months and immediately land a well-paying job, which is not always the case.

Hence, we launched InternPulse to address this issue!

No, You own everything you work on during and after the program.

  1. Gather tangible evidence of your skills by working on real-world projects with a live link to showcase your work to potential employers.
  2. Master teamwork and collaboration in a dynamic tech environment.
  3. Master your ability to handle pressure and meet deadlines effectively.
  4. Expand your knowledge base at an accelerated pace.
  5. Network with industry professionals to open doors to future opportunities.
  6. Introduce you to new/secret paths to monetize your skills.
  7. Optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters’ attention.
  8. Review and refine your resume and cover letter to make a strong impression.
  9. Provide you with letters of recommendation to showcase your skills and accomplishments.
  10. Issue certificates of completion to validate your participation in our programs.
  11. Grant you access to our exclusive talent network for potential job opportunities.

April 2024

About 8 weeks

You will be added to our exclusive talent network, and recommended to potential employers.

Every week new projects are assigned to interns as tasks to complete and present to be promoted to the next sprint.

Yes, we do!

We have up to 10 mentors.

John Diginee
Hi, I’m John Diginee, a Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience working professionally with web and cloud technologies.

Passionate about using web technologies to build amazing products and focusing on solving problems for different industries.

Skills & Technologies: Python (Django), JavaScript (Vue), MySQL, Postgres, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, Github Action, Jenkins, AWS CodePipeline, Agile, Scrum, AWS, PHP (WordPress/Elementor), Web Scraping.